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Decor is A Necessity

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The world is constantly changing. People, technology, nature, politics and society are all in a continuous state of transformation, whether we like it or not. I personally feel that being a common man, I have little to no say in how the world works. This makes it vital for me to have a safe place, and that safe place is the artistic embodiment of my house’s decor. If I don’t like a lamp I can get rid of it and if I don’t like how my couch is placed, I can alter the setting. Altering the décor of my house is an important way for me to exercise some of my flamboyant and meticulous behavior. Decorating my house for the holidays is my way of airing my desire to celebrate holidays. Along these lines décor is very important to many people to exhibit their abundance and creativity to guests. While for me personal fulfillment is the main motive for having and updating my décor, there is still an aspect of vanity. It is not uncommon for me to want to impress others by bettering the appearance of my house.

The home is called a sanctuary and there are many reasons for this, a major one being the décor of the home. A person has the privilege to design his home according to his/her comfort level. Wood flooring or ambient lighting may be what makes a person feel truly relaxed. This is why some people can only express themselves fully when at home at their optimum comfort levels. You will only jump on the bed you love and sit on the kitchen counter that you cherish. A home that is a reflection of your personality will allow your inner self to be fully expressed. Maybe bright colors create the right atmosphere for some people. In the same way the amiable color of a rug and the smooth texture of the warps in between a person toes may contribute greatly to the amenity experienced by a person. A perfect example of how décor provides comfort is the sheer number of family pictures hung on the walls of almost every household. The familiarity of the associated faces in the photographs and the familiarity of the décor in a home contribute in a familiar way to making a house a home.
Décor is a fundamental for every household in the world. Along with being necessary the décor of a house can be symbolic of the people living in it.

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