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Decorating got me like…

It is almost impossible to nail down any single moment where decor has mattered in my life. Truth is, decor always matters. Decor is the ambiance, the vibes, the feeling that you get when you walk into a room. Want a room with strong, commanding feel? Imitate Ancient Greek. Want a laid back feel? Use inspiration from the 70’s. One does not simply choose to use decor or not, because it is always there. Your choice of decor is your own way to influence how others feel when they enter your territory. You get to mandate how others see your home, office, bedroom, desk, anywhere and everywhere.

Decor lets me design my room in a way that I feel comfortable bringing others in;  knowing that the connotation they get from my choices accurately represents who I am. I will always be the first to offer my home as a place for a group meeting. Not because I don’t want go to other places, but because I have a pride in my decor. It makes me who I am. I reflect what my decor shows, just as much as it reflects me: I cannot study in a mess, and so my room is well kept and organized to make sure that my mind is well kept and organized. If I am preparing for an interview, I will put on my outfit and check it in the mirror of my room. If the outfit fits in with the decor, it will reflect me well in the interview.

The thing I appreciate most about decor is not how I do it, but the experience of discovering how others do it. It gives you the opportunity to really step into their world, their head space, and literally explore it. I would never look down on someone’s decor, as it is just simply an extension of who they are, and I want nothing more than to connect with others. If I walk into someone’s room and can sympathize with why and how they design it, I know I can truly come to be friends.

So in the end, it is essential to know that decor always matters.


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