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Decorating My New Home

It’s getting dark out and we’re loading up the truck for the long trip from Arizona to Virginia. My mom looks at me and asks why we’re trying so hard to fit the last couple boxes of decorations in when they aren’t that important (obviously she has never lived in the white washed military housing). It would be easier to go to sleep now and get more than a couple hours before starting our cross-country journey but to me, this is worth it. Moving to a new place especially a new state where everything will be new to me is always a challenge but having my own things, and our own personalities show in the new houses helps make the transition less stressful for myself as well as our fur babies. It may mean extra work now and a little more Tetris but being able to walk into a house we’ve just moved in to and feel at home is worth all the extra work.

Walking up to our front door with the handmade wreath on it and coming inside to see the picture my dad painted alongside the old saddle tree that I found on my grandpa’s ranch as a kid and my favorite Native American style area rug makes all the difference. At least here, in our house, I can feel at home and not have to worry about all of the unknowns of the new city, new job and new way of life. The constant moves of military life are always hard but we’ve learned that it’s the small things that make such a difference in the new place. The decorations may not seem like much to those around us but when they’re put together they all tell our story.

From the pictures of our engagement, wedding and the first overnight camping trip with the new pups to the random rustic finds my husband brought home when he was away fighting fires it all ties us back to the life we lived before the military. It helps us remember who we are and why we are here.

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