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Vintage Living Room Lamps

Why do doctors matter? Doctors matter in today’s society because without them a lot of our health would still be a mystery. In the past four years, I have had 10 surgeries. Different doctors running different tests or fixing something previously done. Without good doctors, I would have never been able to eat like everyone else. This year with the help of a great G.I. doctor we discovered that I have something called a functional disorder. This is where the organs or tissues do not function the way they are supposed to. In my case, it made eating and drinking very difficult. The smallest bit of food caused extreme pain and bloating. However, with my new G.I. doctor, we were able to pin point medications that mask the pain being caused by such a simple process and my vintage living room lamps. I went twenty-one years in pain because some doctors couldn’t pin point the problem. Another time doctors mattered In my life was last year.


In February of 2016 my right ankle started swelling (which I thought was normal) and turning purple. At that time I wasn’t worried about it due to the fact it had done it before and went away. However after seeing two doctors we found out I would need surgery because there was a hole in the cartilage of my ankle. One doctor wanted to do major surgery, which involved six months of recovery. Well with me in school we decided to get a second opinion. This time the doctor said I would need surgery but I was still eligible for the minor sugary. At this time he also explained that the reason the hole was there was because I had a stretched tendon, my parents chose him for the job. He went in and fixed me all up and in three months I was walking and driving again. These two examples are why doctors matter to me. Without them who knows where we would be.

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